Preaching and Teaching

You Too are a Theologian

Epiphany 3C- Fr. J. Devin Rodgers One of the customs that has developed over the generations at St. Alban’s is giving our youth confirmands the opportunity to preach a sermon in Sunday worship. As someone who stands in the pulpit week after week do preach, and still gets nervous, I am always impressed by our […]

Water to Wine

Epiphany 2C- Fr. J. Devin Rodgers And just like that plain tap water from the camp kitchen became cherry-flavored Kool Aid (or as we called it at summer camp, “bug juice”) They saw it with their own eyes! Well, considering no one on camp staff had the ability to perform miraculous” water into Kool-Aid signs” […]

Breathing Underwater and The Baptism of our Lord

“I built my house by the sea. Not on the sands, mind you; not on the shifting sand. And I built it of rock.  A strong houseby a strong sea.And we got well acquainted, the sea and I.Good neighbors.Not that we spoke much.We met in silences.Respectful, keeping our distance,but looking our thoughts across the fence […]

“Season’s Greetings, you Brood of Vipers!”

It’s Christmas Eve. Your holiday celebrations are underway. The lights on the tree twinkle with joy, and you’re surrounded with friends and family.  Your front doorbell rings… Before the door is even fully opened, a stern and commanding voice interrupts everyone within earshot.  “Season’s Greetings, you Brood of Vipers!” It’s not Santa Claus… John the […]

What am I waiting for?

“What am I waiting for?” “That doesn’t matter…you’re waiting.”  “How will I know when I’m done waiting?” “That doesn’t matter either. Your job is to wait.” “So I’m just sitting there, not doing anything?” “No, you’re waiting. Waiting is not passive.” I looked at my friend Douglas, confused.  “That makes no sense.” “It’s not supposed […]

Give Me a Hand

September 26, 2021- Fr. J. Devin Rodgers Two dirty, grease-smeared, blue-jeaned legs and a pair of work boots stuck out from underneath my mom’s car.  My dad was teaching me to change oil. “Give me a hand. I need the oil filter wrench.” I looked in the tool box. I had zero idea what an […]

Sunday School Songs

September 12th 2020 – Fr. J. Devin Rodgers I say Pharaoh, Pharaoh Oh baby let my people go! Huh! Yeah, yeah, yeah I say Pharaoh, Pharaoh Oh baby let my people go! Huh! Yeah, yeah, yeah It was the first Sunday after Labor Day, and a crowd of about 60 elementary school children were gathered […]

Confession and Absolution

August 29, 2021- Fr. J. Devin Rodgers Confession and Absolution I left my apartment with plenty of time to make it to my 8 AM class. I set out across Oxford on foot. It wasn’t quite yet sunrise, the street lamps were still on, and the sun was just beginning to light the brick streets. […]

Carb loading on the Bread of Life

August 15th 2021- Fr. J. Devin Rodgers Spaghetti  Bread Crackers Croissants All sorts of starchy, full of carbohydrate foods Training for long distance races is not only about training and tracking distances. The week before races is actually my favorite part of racing. About one week before the race, you begin tapering  your mileage bit […]

I am the Bread of Life.

August 8, 2021 – Fr. J. Devin Rodgers I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry. My mom reached into the oven with mitted hands and removed the several mini loaves of homemade communion bread. After letting them sit for a few minutes, she turned the pans over onto […]