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Home Away From Home

The Home Away from Home program connects parishioners from St. Alban's with students from Capital University. This relationship provides increased support to students who may not be able to travel home as frequently as more local students, as well as relational support for students who have experienced transition or loss in their families of origin. This is ministry presence that accompanies students throughout the academic year.

As a Home Away from Home family, we’d ask for you to:

  • Attend performances, concerts, games, or other public events of your student
  • To meet with them monthly for coffee or a meal
  • To make space for them around the holidays if they cannot travel home
  • To send birthday & holiday cards or notes
  • To send care packages around midterms, finals, and other high-stress times
  • Commit to one academic year at a time

As a Home Away from Home family, we do not expect you to:

  • Have an open door policy at your own home
  • Show up to everything, all the time
  • Be in classes
  •  Abandon your holiday traditions

Are you interested in becoming a Home Away from Home for students at Capital University? If so, please complete the following application and bio sheet.

Home Away From Home Application and Interest Inventory

Home Away From Home
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