The canons of the Episcopal Church stipulate that the Vestry shall: 

  • Be agents and legal representatives of the congregation in all matters concerning its corporate property and the relations of the congregation to its clergy.
  • Ensure that standard business methods, as outlined in The Episcopal Church’s Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs, will be observed.

The key responsibility of the Vestry is Governance – the rules and practices that ensure accountability, fairness, and transparency in an organization. Wardens are elected members of the Vestry with particular leadership responsibilities. The Vestry of St. Alban’s meets every month except July, unless determined to be necessary, on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  Members of the 2022-2023 Vestry include:

  • Charlene O’Donnell (Senior Warden)
  • Miranda Cox (Junior Warden)
  • Susan Appling
  • Robert Howarth
  • Lauren Leahy
  • Scott McKinley
  • Russ Rosler
  • Janet Lewis
  • Penny Shyjka
  • Kevin Tomkies
  • Emily Williams