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As Christians our life of faith is grounded and strengthened in the worship of God. St. Alban's offers several weekly opportunities for prayer and worship.

Worship During COVID-19 

Starting March 7th 2021, we will resume in-person worship at St. Alban's. In order to care for one another during the pandemic, we will be implementing social distancing guidelines recommended by the Ohio Dept. of Health and the Diocese of Southern Ohio.

In addition to in-person worship, we are live-streaming services each week via Facebook Live.  Whether you worship in-person or online, you are welcome!

Our weekly schedule for worship

Sunday- Holy Eucharist Rite I 8:00 AM in-person

Sunday Holy Eucharist Rite II 10:15 AM in-person and via Facebook Live

Sunday- The 3:33 Service- 3:33pm via Zoom

Monday-Compline 8:00 PM via Facebook Live

Wednesday-Morning Prayer 8:00 AM in-person and via Facebook Live

Past worship services are available on our parish's YouTube Channel.



There are many different kinds of Christian Churches and many different styles of worship. Our worship is both modern and ancient, protestant and catholic, traditional and new.

Sunday is traditionally when Christians gather together for worship. In most Episcopal Churches, and at St. Alban's, Sunday worship is a celebration of the Holy Eucharist, also known as the mass, Holy Communion, Lord's Supper, or Divine Liturgy. "Eucharist" simply means "thanksgiving." You can learn more about the Eucharist HERE.

There is diversity in the way Episcopalians worship. We come from various backgrounds and traditions. At St. Alban's you are likely to find various styles of music, expression and forms of prayer formal and informal worship styles.

Our worship style is liturgical which means the format of the service is typically the same from week to week. The liturgy, a Greek word meaning the "work of the people," is soaked with prayers, passages of scripture and music. Much of our liturgy has been used by Christians around the world for centuries. Our worship liturgies are primarily found in The Book of Common Prayer.

The first time you worship at St. Alban's we want you to feel at home. Our service bulletins contain everything you need to participate in the liturgy with us. You may feel a bit confused if liturgical worship is new to you. We stand, sit kneel, pray together, sing, and receive communion or a blessing. However, after a few weeks, the rhythm will begin to feel familiar.

We value and celebrate the presence of children in church. To assist in children's spiritual formation we provide worship resources for school age children and activity packets. We also encourage families with young ones to sit close to the front so they can see!


Because of God's great and inclusive love, we welcome all people. Diversity is a valued and celebrated part of who we are.

The Episcopal Church has a legacy of inclusion and honors the gifts and identity of all God's children.

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