The Faith Formation Ministry

As Christians, we are pilgrims on our life journey. We worship, we pray, we work to live our lives as Jesus showed us.

The Faith Formation committee strives to offer parishioners opportunities to practice and learn more about our common faith journey. We have hosted an all-parish book read; we deliver St. Alban’s@Home bags to every household in advance of Lent and Advent that include intergenerational ways to worship/pray at home during those holy seasons; we have hosted an annual deep dive into a film; and we sponsor occasional speakers. We also strive to find and share online opportunities to learn more about the Episcopal Church, the work of current and former theologians, to explore the Bible, and to find ways to sustain and enhance our personal faith and our obligations to our sisters and brothers in Christ.

Adult Formation Schedule, Sundays from 9:10 to 10:10 am. 

September 24:  I’ve always wondered…  We will be led in conversation about those burning and curious questions you’ve always wondered about.  Conversation will be based on submitted questions placed in the box (crafted by the children and labeled “I’ve always wondered”) at the back of the church.  

October 1:  We will reflect on our call to care for God’s creation. We will watch an inspiring short film, The Man Who Planted Trees, to learn about the impact one person can have.  Discussion led by Mike Bissell and Deacon Craig Foster will follow. 

October 8:  Mike Bissell and Deacon Craig Foster (and others) will share practical approaches to living into sustainable practices. Come join us and get the goodie bag available for all! 

October 15: “I’ve always wondered...” This is another opportunity to think and discuss with others those burning questions we have. 

October 22: “The Chosen”: The Calling of the Disciples, part 1. According to Netflix, where this film series has met with popular response, “this fresh take on the Gospels follows Jesus as he gathers his disciples, heals the needy and sacrifices himself for the sake of humanity." We will watch part of this film and discuss how the calling of Jesus to follow him affects us all and the world in which we live. 

October 29: “The Chosen”: The Calling of the Disciples, part 2. 

St. Alban’s Book Club, the second Monday of the month

St. Alban's Book Club meets on the 2nd Monday of the month. We end our discussion of every book with the question, “Where is God/Jesus in this book?” This question asks attendees to consider aspects of books to reflect on the presence of God in what was read as well as connect God’s presence in our own lives. Look for information in the Red Door for scheduling and hosting information. All are welcome.

For more information about the Ministry of Faith Formation, please contact Laura Piazza.