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Summer Coffee Hour On the Labyrinth

  • Who? – Parishioners, Guests, Neighbors, Everyone and Anyone desiring a time of fellowship or wanting to explore a ministry of hospitality.


  • What? - To allow for fellowship between our morning service times we are moving coffee hour and fellowship between the services. This will be a time to gather, converse, meet new people, welcome guests, and share in a time of hospitality. Coffee, tea, and child friendly beverages will be served along with simple snacks (cakes, crackers, donuts, cookies, and pastries) Parishioners are encouraged to warmly welcome guests.


  • Where? – Weather permitting we will gather for coffee on the labyrinth and front lawn of the church. This is a natural gathering space for parishioners coming from and going to worship. It is also the most welcoming and easiest to use entry space on the church property for guests and neighbors. In the case of inclement weather, we will gather under the breezeway. Adjustments will be made as COVID restrictions change.


  • When? – Starting at approximately 9:00 on the labyrinth between the services.


  • Why? Our faith teaches us about hospitality and fellowship. Coffee hour is a chance to chat with friends. During this time, we also have the opportunity to help form connections with guests, introduce them to friends and show them what St. Alban’s is all about. We have the opportunity to show our neighbors and guests that community, fellowship and hospitality to friends and strangers matters! Coffee hour and hospitality will help us grow in faith, fellowship, and yes even, number.


  • How can you get involved? Mark your calendars and come join us! Make it a Sunday tradition. If you would like to help with serving: Coffee Hour will be hosted by 1 -2 individuals or families each week. An additional 1-2 individuals or families will sign up to help set up and clean up. Sign up to serve as a Host or Helper.


Set Up / Clean Up

  • Put out 2 Plastic Tables on the labyrinth
  • Put out 6-7 chairs for elderly members or individuals needing seating
  • Assist with setting up plates, napkins, plastic ware etc.
  • Bring out a recycling bin and trash can
  • Stay for the coffee hour and assist the host. Greet newcomers and guests.
  • At 10 AM put the Tables and Chairs away, Empty Coffee pots,
  • Put all food/ coffee items back in the kitchen
  • Put trash and recycling in outside dumpsters
  • Ensure the kitchen is left tidy.
  • Run the dishwasher if necessary


Coffee Hour Host (two per Sunday)

  • Prepare snacks and beverages for approximately 30 individuals. During COVID it will be important to provide items that can be picked up with tongs or separated easily.
  • We will utilize paper products during COVID
  • Serve as a host staring after the 8:00 service
  • Greet newcomers and guests and introduce them to others
  • After Coffee hour assist with clean up
  • Store leftovers in appropriate containers.
  • Please take leftovers home with you or make other arrangements to send food home with others.

Interested in Helping With this Hospitality Ministry?